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One of the buttocks lifting procedures we offer at The Williams Center involves liposuction to sculpt the buttocks.

By removing fat from love handles, lower and upper buttocks, Dr. Alain Polynice may be able to provide patients with enough contouring to achieve desired results.

Dr. Polynice may also recommend a fat transfer during the same procedure to fill and smooth any irregularities in the buttocks. There is no risk that patients may reject the fat because it is naturally found in their bodies. This will enhance and augment buttocks.

The BBL technique of fat transfer to the buttocks allow surgeons to create a soft, natural and long–lasting buttock contour without the use of implants.


The last method that can be used to enhance buttocks includes a lifting procedure. If the buttocks have excess skin, the excess skin will need to be addressed.

Dr. Polynice will excise any excess skin located around the buttocks by performing a traditional butt lift.

The incision is placed on the upper portion of the buttocks and as the buttocks are lifted, the extra skin is removed.

If there is a small amount of extra skin in the creases of the bottom, he is able to use it as a way to hide the incisions.

BBL Surgery

Dr. Polynice may recommend any combination of the above procedures that will achieve the best, most natural-looking results to fit the patient’s unique body type.

Each patient has individual problem areas and desired results, so through the consultation process Dr. Polynice will devise the best course of action based on the patient and their needs.

Often, patients undergo liposuction and the lifting procedure in conjunction with implants.

Plastic Surgery Consultation for BBL Surgery

Dr. Polynice, a board-certified plastic surgeon, will create a comprehensive plan to address all areas of concern during a consultation.

A consultation is a time for patients to meet the plastic surgeon and ask questions. We encourage patients talk about their concerns, motivations for why they are considering plastic surgery, and discuss expected results with the surgeon.

With imaging software, Dr. Polynice can demonstrate the expected result that Brazilian butt lift surgery will have on a patient’s body.

Brazilian Buttocks Lift Risks & Recovery

As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are risks associated with Brazilian butt lift surgery. These risks include bleeding, infection, asymmetry, changes in skin sensations and scarring.

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon lessens these risks because they possess the background and experience necessary to deliver a safe surgical outcome.

Recovery periods are generally one to two weeks until patients can resume daily activities and four to six weeks until patients can perform strenuous activities, including exercise.

Patients will need someone to stay with them the first night following the outpatient surgery because of the aftereffects of anesthesia.

Dr. Polynice places all sutures internally, meaning that they will not need to be removed. Steri-Strips are applied but will fall off on their own after two to three weeks.

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