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The Nose Tip Reshaping Process


There are many reasons a patient may seek out nose tip reshaping, so a consultation with Dr. Williams allows him to assess the nose and determine what steps would be necessary to refine the tip. The consultation also gives the patient an opportunity to ask questions and get answers about this surgery and what other options might be available. In some cases, a bulbous tip is not the only factor contributing to the look of an out-of-proportion nose. In other cases, especially thick skin may limit the refining effects that can be achieved.

To help with the consultation process, Dr. Williams offers digital imaging that can show how the results of nose tip reshaping could impact the nose itself, as well as the entire face.


As noted above, nose tip reshaping frequently involves sculpting and removing cartilage on the lowest third of the nose. The surgery alters the lines of the nose, so while the nose itself may stay the same width, the lines themselves converge into a more defined tip. This process can take up to several hours and involves an anesthetic administered by a credentialed professional.

Nose Tip Reshaping Recovery

Recovery after nose tip reshaping may take a couple of weeks, with light dressing worn for the first day and an outer splint worn for the first week. Throughout this time, patients should take care to avoid doing anything that might result in a blow to the face, and especially the nose.

Patients can also expect visible bruises and swelling to fade during this time, and should watch for potential—though rare—complications, such as bleeding and infection. Instructions will be given on post-surgical care. Healing can continue for up to a year inside the nose.

Once the nose is healed, roughly five to 10 percent of patients decide that they want their results to be further refined and opt for revision rhinoplasty.

Have more questions about nose tip reshaping, or rhinoplasty in general? Watch Dr. Williams’ Famous Fireside Chats or visit his FAQs page.

Wide Nose - Alar Base Reduction

*Video contains graphic imagery & real surgery. Viewer discretion is advised. Patient results may vary.

Other Available Procedures

More nose tip surgery options, including for a crooked tip or pinched tip, are available, as is rhinoplasty to address a nasal hump, large nose, saddle nose, and crooked nose.

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