I have scheduled blepharoplasty on two occasions and have cancelled both times


I have scheduled blepharoplasty on two separate occasions and have cancelled both times. I am really quite worried about something happening to my eyes. Have any surgeries of this type ever resulted in a patient losing their eyesight?


If you look through the literature, one listed potential complication is blindness after blepharoplasty. I have literally performed thousands of blepharoplasties, as well as many of my colleagues, and although we discuss this as a potential complication, I am not aware of any physician who has had this complication happen to. Additionally, blepharoplasty is probably one of the most commonly performed procedures in our practice and I personally have not any major complications following blepharoplasty. While we like to talk to patients about risks, so that we can give them informed consent, there is also the risk of crossing the road and being struck by a car. This risk is negligible but is something anyone crossing a street should be aware of.

Posted by Dr. Williams