Acne Scarring in Albany, NY

Acne ScarringThe treatment of facial acne scarring has traditionally been limited to dermabrasion with somewhat limited results. Over the past several years, Dr. Edwin Williams , a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, from The Williams Plastic Surgery Specialists , Latham NY located just 6 miles from Albany NY , has achieved incredible results by combining chemical peel, carbon-dioxide laser (CO2) with dermabrasion. Dr. Edwin Williams calls this cosmetic procedure a combined technique. Combined technique is a resurfacing procedure that is performed as outpatient surgery at The New England Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center . The removal of acne scars using a combined technique usually takes approximately one hour. The recovery period for areas treated by dermabrasion is 2 weeks for the areas with CO2 laser may remain red for several weeks but can be covered with make up after 2 weeks. Occasionally, with deep or wide facial scars Dr. Williams will offer his patients an excision of the scar with the combined technique to follow 6 weeks later to obtain the best results possible.

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Carecredit card in Latham and New York, NYCombined techniques for facial-skin resurfacing was the topic of Dr. Edwin Williams’ lecture at the Fifteenth Annual Symposium for Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach , California . He is also actively pursuing both clinical and basic-science research of various laser skin resurfacing techniques at Albany Medical College where he is the former Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr. Edwin Williams has published an article for the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology entitled “Combined Resurfacing Techniques: A Systematic Approach.”

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