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Carecredit card in Latham and New York, NYOne of the main concerns of patients following massive weight loss is the excess skin and fatof the thighs, mainly the inner thighs. This is not only an esthetic issue but it can lead to friction and skin break down between the thighs. The excess skin along the inner thighs can also limit the style and type of clothing a person can wear. The thigh lift procedure involves direct excision of the excess skin with liposuction to contour the thigh circumferentially. This not only lifts the thigh but firms it as well. Some patients are fortunate to have the skin excess localized to the upper thigh, in those cases it may be possible to perform the lift with a scar limited to the groin crease. In the majority of patients who have had a massive weight loss it is necessary to extend the incision along the inner thigh down to the knee in order to remove all the excess skin and contour the thigh for the best esthetic result. The scar is placed in such a way so that in a standing position, from the front or the back, it would not be visible. As with all his procedures Dr. Polynice pays special attention to the scars, treating the tissues delicately and using only dissolvable sutures placed internally. This makes for a nicer scar once healed.

The procedure itself may take 2 to 4 hours depending on the amount of tissue to be removed and the amount of contouring necessary with liposuction. Patients are usually able to return to their normal activities and work at 7 to 14 days. Strenuous activities and lifting should be avoided such as running or working out at the gym should be avoided until 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

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