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Why Have the Weekend Facelift?

There are many reasons as to why you would choose to have a weekend facelift procedure done. The benefits are numerous, while the actual procedure is minimally invasive. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about too many risks when evaluating whether or not you should seek this treatment. For one, there’s very little scarring associated with this procedure. While incisions will need to be made in order to complete the weekend facelift, they are very easy to conceal within the standard hairline and contours of the face.

This procedure also comes with very few side effects, particularly when compared to a more extensive facelift. Everything from swelling and bruising, to the amount of tenderness you experience once the procedure has been completed, is lessened when making use of a weekend facelift. In general, this treatment focuses on the lower portion of the face, specifically the jaw line.

Because of this, the procedure allows the changes to blend in naturally with the rest of your face. As the changes made during the treatment aren’t drastic ones, the risks associated with the procedure are low.

A weekend facelift should also provide your self-confidence levels with a boost.

Since your appearance will become more youthful and appealing, you’ll be able to feel much more confident about your overall appearance.

This cosmetic surgery procedure is also designed to be very efficient, as it typically only takes about an hour to complete. The final reason as to why you would have this procedure done is because the anesthesia provided during the treatment is the safest type available.

This procedure is performed with local anesthesia and mild I.V. sedation. Some patients opt to have this procedure under straight local with or without oral sedation. We have an onsite freestanding surgery center where we perform this procedure. The surgery center is held to the highest of standards through accreditation agencies and the New York State Health Department. It is a very different setting compared to having a procedure in a surgeon’s office. We are able to offer our patients highly trained specialized teams of staff accustomed to working with our surgeons in a safe environment.

Aligning patients’ anticipated Weekend Facelift results with a realistic outcome represents a priority for Dr. Williams.  A facelift has the potential to improve many areas of the face in a single surgery.   Dr. Williams will present your potential facelift outcome using computer generated images of your post-surgery / post-healing period results.  Additional procedures which could be helpful in your personal enhancement journey may be discussed during consultation.

Once you decide to have the Weekend Facelift procedure scheduled, you would meet with one of the nurses to go over the pre and post instructions that includes answers to some of your frequently asked questions. This appointment will take place two to three weeks prior to the scheduled facelift procedure. Depending on the type of anesthesia you elect to have, Pre-operative laboratory tests may be required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Weekend Facelift?

    The Weekend Facelift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that primarily addresses the jowls and jaw line.

  • Are there risks involved with the procedure?

    A mini facelift is a minimally invasive procedure; however, there are a few limited risks involved as with any surgery. Swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort are the most common.

  • How soon can I return to work after the Weekend Facelift?

    Most patients are able to return to work in five to seven days after a mini lift. However, some patients may be able to return to work even sooner.

  • How painful is the Weekend Facelift?

    With any surgical procedure there is a certain amount of discomfort. Our patients typically will take Tylenol for this procedure.

  • How big is the incision for the Weekend Facelift?

    The incision starts in the temple around the hairline and continues down along the hard part of the ear and just under the earlobe.

  • How noticeable will the incision be for the Weekend Facelift?

    As with any incision, initially it is more noticeable. It can be red and a little raised during the first few weeks. Over time it fades so that one would have to really be looking for it to see it. The sutures are removed at approximately 6 days after surgery. Makeup can be applied at about 10 days after surgery. We advise our patients to grow their hair a little longer around their ears if they have short hair as this will allow for better coverage of the incision line during the healing period.

  • When can I color my hair after the Weekend Facelift?

    We tell our patients to have any hair coloring done right before the procedure; otherwise, you would have to wait for 6 weeks after surgery before any hair coloring is applied to your hair.

  • When can I go out in public?

    The head dressing stays on for 3 days after the surgery. At the 3 day mark, you may wash your hair bruising and swelling differs from patient to patient but most can get out at this time. This is a surgical procedure so you still would want to take it easy and not overdo.

  • What is the cost of the Weekend facelift?

    The cost of this facelift is approximately $4,900.00.There is an additional operating room and possible anesthesia fee.

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