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Breast Augmentation

Breast ProcedureThe most commonly known breast sculpting procedure is breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty). This procedure is cosmetic in nature, serving to enhance a patient’s appearance by giving her a larger cup size and a shapely body contour. For many women, the results of this procedure help create self confidence and a better body image. Dr. Polynice uses either silicone implants or saline implants based on the needs and desired outcome of each patient. With Dr. Polynice’s expertise and the innovations of implants and procedure methods today, patients are able to achieve natural-looking results.

Breast Lift

Another common procedure is the breast lift (mastopexy). This procedure is used to lift breasts that sag or droop due to weight loss, age, or simply the effect of gravity. The extra skin is removed and tissue is tightened to get the desired effect. Like breast augmentation, this is a cosmetic procedure, but serves well to enhance self esteem by helping women feel better about their appearance. There are some patients who get both a breast augmentation and lift in order to enhance the look of their breasts. During your consultation, Dr. Polynice will help you decide if having a breast lift or a breast lift and augmentation is right for you.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is usually done to solve physical discomfort. Many patients getting a reduction have back or breathing problems due to the large size of their breasts. This procedure involves removing extra skin and breast tissue as well as repositioning the nipple.

Breast Revision / Reconstructive Surgery

In our Latham office, breast revisions and reconstructive surgery are performed for multiple reasons. Revisions often happen due to implant deflation, a desire to change the implant size, or changes that happen to the natural breast tissue, which may change the shape of the breasts. Breast revision surgery can fix these issues and give the breasts the most natural appearance possible. Breast reconstruction is intended to reshape a new breast after a mastectomy, usually due to breast cancer. While reconstruction is not generally medically necessary, many women prefer it rather than having to wear breast forms or having a missing breast.

There are many breast sculpting procedures, and, like any procedure, having a thorough consultation with the doctor performing the surgery will help in the decisionmaking process. The Williams Center is the only office in upstate New York with Vectra 3D Imaging services, which allow you to actually see your results via a 3D simulation! Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Polynice to customize your plan that will work best for your body type and shape based on the results you want to achieve from your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Some procedures include breast revision/reconstruction and nipple areola reduction, as well as surgeries to address bottoming out, capsular contracture, implant malposition, implant rupture, rippling of the implant, symmastia, and tubular breast deformity.

Dr. Alain Polynice, renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, offers individualized breast sculpting procedures including The Sculpted Lift, breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast lifts with implants, and breast reductions. When considering a breast sculpting procedure, it is important to remember that not all procedures will have the same results. When considering any surgical procedure, it is best to be informed of the perceived outcomes and the benefits of each procedure.

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