Guide to Breast Reduction and Breastlifts

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Polynice, Alain, 1965-
Your complete guide to breast reduction and breast lifts / Alain Polynice, Aloysius Smith.
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ISBN 1-886039-17-8 (alk. paper)
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Table of Contents

1 Contemplating Breast Reduction Surgery
2 Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
3 Your Consultation
4 Preparing for Breast Reduction Surgery
5 Your Breast Reduction Procedure
6 Breast Lifts
7 Follow-up Care
8 The New You!
About the Authors


If you are interested in breast reduction, you are like millions of women who are concerned about the appearance of their breasts. Whether the changes are due to aging, weight gain, weight loss, or child birth, large breasts can be burdensome, both physically and emotionally.

Breast reductions and breast lifts can be the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery. No two breasts are alike and achieving symmetry while keeping the scars at a minimum can be difficult. They can also be the most rewarding operations for both the patient and the surgeon. Often breasts cause significant physical pain and discomfort due to shear size and weight but even more important are the emotional and psychological effects of women not feeling comfortable in their own bodies. There is no greater reward for the surgeon than having a patient say she has experienced physical relief and now feels more self-confident and more at ease in her own skin.

If you are considering a breast reduction or a breast lift, we hope this book will guide you and provide you with information you need to make the right choice for you.



Without the love and support of my family this book would never have become a reality. To my parents for their unwavering faith and encouragement which showed me that nothing was impossible and to Allison, my wife and colleague who never lets me sell myself short and allows me to strive for ever higher goals.

I also owe an immense debt of gratitude to my teachers and mentors for their guidance and to my students for keeping me on my toes. I would also like to thank Alyson Meadows for her editorial help in putting this book together.

Last, but not least, a special thanks to all my patients for whom this book was written. My greatest satisfaction is being able to provide you with the latest techniques and also use what I learn from you to further advance the field of breast surgery.



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