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Is My Facelift Covered by Insurance?

When researching cosmetic surgery options, many patients wonder if health insurance will pay for all or some surgical expenses. Typically, facelift surgeries are not covered by insurance. For a surgery to be covered by health insurance, there usually needs to be a functional issue that can be addressed surgically after all available conservative and non-surgical…

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How Much Does a Facelift Cost?

Many patients considering a facelift procedure understandably want to know the cost of one before fully committing. Since undergoing a facelift is a significant decision, it’s also one that requires extensive thought and planning. The cost of facelift plastic surgery can depend on many variables, such as the extent of the surgery being performed and…

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Facelift Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

In 2019, facelift surgery was the fifth-most common plastic surgery procedure. At The Williams Surgery, patients who want to reduce the signs of aging in their face often contact us with questions about the facelift procedure. More often than not, the decision is then made to schedule a consultation with our facial plastic surgery specialist,…

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What Kind of Facelift Do I Need?

“Facelift” is one of the more confusing terms in the cosmetic surgery industry. The formal name for a facelift surgery is “rhytidectomy,” which translates to surgical removal (-ectomy) of undesirable wrinkles (rhytid(s)-). This is not an entirely accurate description because we do not surgically excise each of the wrinkles — this would leave a very…

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Facelift Adjunctive Procedures

Learn About Additional Procedures Commonly Done Simultaneously With Facelift Surgery For most patients, undergoing facelift surgery is a decision that they have been contemplating for years. We respect the commitment these patients have made to themselves and to our practice in thus decision. Depending on their cosmetic concerns, many patients feel that if they are undergoing surgery,…

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Ideal Age for Facelift Surgery

To understand when to consider facelift surgery, we must first begin to understand what contributes to facial aging. In general, we think about three main factors that result in an older appearance. The first is skin quality. Throughout life, a combination of genetics, sun damage, and smoking, can affect our skin quality. Aged skin may…

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Facelift Recovery

 Often one of the most frightening things about surgery is uncertainty about the recovery process. As we know, all people are different, so recovery is not the same in everyone. For facelift surgery, most of the recovery process is completed in 1-2 weeks. Day 1-7: Immediately after surgery, there are soft drains behind the…

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What Is a Facelift?

As we age, we can develop what some would call “jowling”, “turkey neck”, or a “gobbler”.  All of these terms represent a sagging of the facial and neck skin as a result of time and gravity.  Facelift is a surgery that is designed to reduce this sagging skin, resulting in a sharp neckline and a…

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