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How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost?

At the Plastic Surgery Center at Williams, we recognize that a patient’s decision to have rhinoplasty surgery is an investment of both their time and financial resources. The cost of a plastic surgery procedure is a question we receive often — and it’s certainly an important topic for discussion. In searching for a plastic surgeon…

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Rhinoplasty FAQs

1. Will I Have Visible Incisions? A closed rhinoplasty avoids making any visible incisions on the skin of the nose. There are primarily two approaches for performing a rhinoplasty: the closed, or endonasal, approach and the open approach. In approximately 95% of our patients, we can achieve our results using the closed approach. This is…

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What to Know Before Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you peruse the internet and social media searching for plastic surgery testimonials, you will find a plethora of inquiries regarding revision rhinoplasty. Patients frequently upload photos of themselves demonstrating their displeasing results from their rhinoplasty operation seeking opinions about what can be done to remedy their concerns. Although revision rhinoplasty surgery is a difficult…

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Rhinoplasty Risks

Regardless of whether someone is considering a rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose or to improve their nasal breathing, common fears center around the risks of the procedure. Generally speaking, there are two main categories of risks involved with rhinoplasty. Medical Risks With Rhinoplasty The first category involves medical risks. Nasal bleeding is…

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Rhinoplasty for Teens

In recent years, the popularity of plastic surgery in teenagers has risen dramatically. A Rhinoplasty, or “nose job”, remains one of the most common procedures performed in teenagers. When discussing nasal surgery, terminology may be confusing, and this type of surgery may be performed for cosmetic reasons, medical reasons, or a combination of the two…

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Nasal Reconstruction and Rhinoplasty

When thinking about nasal surgery, people can sometimes be confused by the terminology of certain procedures. In general, nasal reconstruction and rhinoplasty refer to two different procedures, with different goals, but there is some grey area between the terms. What is Nasal Reconstruction Nasal reconstruction is the term given to a surgery on the nose…

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Fixing A Botched Rhinoplasty

As a patient, getting a good rhinoplasty result depends on several factors, some of which are controllable and others are not. One of the most important factors is finding an experienced Albany rhinoplasty surgeon. This may be a difficult thing to find, especially in certain regions. The face is how we greet the world, and…

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