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How Can I Make My Lips Bigger?

As popularity in “bigger lips” continues to increase, many Americans wonder what exactly they can do to get their lips to looking bigger, fuller, and more aesthetically pleasing. And the answer is: there are several options. Lip fillers are an extremely popular cosmetic intervention that are performed in nearly every part of the United States.…

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What to Know Before Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

If you peruse the internet and social media searching for plastic surgery testimonials, you will find a plethora of inquiries regarding revision rhinoplasty. Patients frequently upload photos of themselves demonstrating their displeasing results from their rhinoplasty operation seeking opinions about what can be done to remedy their concerns. Although revision rhinoplasty surgery is a difficult…

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Re-Opening During Covid-19

Re-opening During Covid-19 Times Dr. Williams shares his insights on a safe re-opening during covid-19 times in the video below…**When Dr. Williams mentions two masks – he is referring to both the individual and those coming in contact with them wearing a mask** Posted by Williams Center Plastic Surgery Specialists on Tuesday, May 26, 2020…

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What is a Ventilator? (COVID-19 Update 3.27.20)

What is a Ventilator? A lot of people have been asking "What is a ventilator?" Dr. Williams answers that question and how we're doing our part to help during these trying times. If you have a question or a topic you'd like to see Dr. Williams address, please comment below, as we will be answering…

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