Revision Rhinoplasty in Albany, NY

Revision RhinoplastyA first-time operation on the nose is called a Primary Rhinoplasty. When additional operations are required to correct a deformity, or to achieve the final result desired, then these are called Revision Rhinoplasty or Secondary Rhinoplasty.

These revision or secondary procedures on the nose are typically more difficult and challenging. Dr. Edwin Williams, a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified in Otolaryngology (ears, nose and throat), has to operate through the scar tissue from the previous operation and deal with altered anatomy. The first surgeon may have also removed too much cartilage from different parts of the nose thus making it more difficult to create an ideal shape or to provide adequate support for the nose. It is often necessary, in these cases of revision rhinoplasty, to utilize cartilage grafts as well as grafts of artificial materials to reconstruct the nose and create an ideal shape.

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Do You Need a Revision Rhinoplasty in Albany, NY?

To determine if a patient is a good candidate for a revision rhinoplasty, a consultation utilizing the computerized imager and a complete facial analysis is recommended. Successful facial plastic surgery is the result of a good rapport between the patient and the surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery.  For questions or additional information, patients are welcome and encouraged to call to make an appointment for a consultation.

Dr. Edwin Williams has extensive experience in rhinoplasty / nasal reconstruction and teaches advanced rhinoplasty on a national level. Almost half of our rhinoplasty practice consists of revision or extensive reconstructive nasal surgery.

To request a consultation in the New York area, contact the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 1-800-742-2797.


“I had a rhinoplasty done 16 years ago by another surgeon and was never truly happy with the results. I looked a lot better than I had before, but I was still self conscious. One day I saw a profile photo of myself at a wedding and realized it was time to look into a revision. I met with Dr. Williams because I had heard he was a great surgeon and years earlier, he helped my sister after a serious car accident and she looks amazing! I was hesitant of course because I didn’t look that bad, but I wanted a change. Dr. Williams was very patient and honest. He met with me 3 times and took his time explaining what was realistic and what he would recommend and listened to what I wanted too. What really put my mind at ease was their imaging program that takes your photo and then shows you what you will look like after surgery! It’s not a guarantee mind you but it definitely helps give you an idea. As for the results, I am very pleased. I was afraid I wouldn’t look like myself, but I do, just better. Plus, my results really do look very similar to the imaging program picture, it’s amazing. I think what sets Dr. Williams apart is that he pays attention to detail, and for my case, made minor changes that really made a difference”.

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To request a consultation in the New York area, contact the Williams Center for Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 1-800-742-2797.

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