I have many age spots on my forehead and cheeks


I have many age spots on my forehead and cheeks. Otherwise I don’t look to bad for a 76 year old grandpa. I would like to reduce the appearance of these pigmented spots. What is the recovery time for the strongest physician strength peel that you have?


The strongest strength physician peel that we use is a 35% TCA trichloracetic acid peel. Chemical peels are somewhat of a loss art, but physicians with a great deal of experience with chemical peels find it to be an extremely powerful tool. A 35% TCA chemical peel not only is able to effectively take care of many of the age spots but can significantly reduce the medium depth wrinkling. The recovery period is approximately seven-ten days. At seven days patients look like they have wind-burn which can be easily covered up with powdered make-up. Most of the pink resolves in approximately ten days to two weeks. Posted by Dr. Williams