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The Consultation: We hope you will find this additional information helpful prior to your visit to our office. It is our intention to provide a comfortable and convenient atmosphere for patients contemplating cosmetic facial and reconstructive surgery. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and safety in caring for our patients and hope your visit will be pleasurable and informative. Upon arrival at the office you will be given paper work to be filled out.  You may opt to print out and bring with you to the office the forms required (Patient Information Forms) or we would ask that you arrive 15 minutes earlier than your appointment to fill them out.  You will have a pre-consult followed by a one on one discussion with the Doctor about what you would like changed, and how that can be accomplished.  After your consult you will then meet our patient care coordinator to discuss fees and available dates for your procedure.

Albany plastic surgeon and facial plastic surgeons enjoy the opportunity to get to know each patient as an individual. In order to insure maximum benefit from the time allowed it is very important to be prompt for this visit. Some patients find it is beneficial to write down questions or concerns to be addressed during the consultation. We encourage this. You will also meet with the patient care coordinator to discuss the procedures you are contemplating and the fees.

Computerized Imaging: Dr. Williams uses a computerized imager as a teaching tool during a portion of your consultation. It will give you a realistic idea of the changes that can be accomplished with facial plastic surgery. At the time of your visit photos will be taken and you will be put on the imager. Dr. Williams will explain to you in detail what modalities he plans to use.

To see the Vectra 3D imaging system and to get an idea of the way your body will look click on the image below.

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