My main concern is the after care


My friend was telling me about her body lift procedure that she had several years ago. She really liked the results and recommended that I also consider the procedure to remove excess skin and fat from my belly and thigh areas. My main concern is the after care. Will I need my husband to take some time off work to help me with the recovery process?


A body lift procedure involves an abdominoplasty, thigh lift and buttock lift at the same time. The incision line does go all the way around the waist line. While it is an invasive procedure, the recovery is not any worse than a regular abdominoplasty, so therefore, the most uncomfortable period will be the first 48 hours and also it is uncomfortable having to deal with the drainage tubes that are placed as part of the procedure. You will need help from your husband or family member especially for the first night but after the first 48 hours most people are able to get around alone and do their normal daily activities. As with any other procedure such as an abdominoplasty or body lift, typically patients are not able to return to work until after 7-10 days and they are not able to undergo strenuous activities such as going to the gym or working out for at least four to six weeks.