I think menopause should be a natural part of aging, not something to fear.


I think menopause should be a natural part of aging, not something to fear.  Do you have a variety of natural products to use to alleviate the symptoms of menopause?


I agree, menopause is a natural part of the aging process, and not something to fear.  It is a wonderful transition for women, and most women come out the other side of menopause confident, healthy and feeling well.  However, during the time of perimenopause can be so severe that they will interrupt the quality of your life.  In this case, I think it is important to use natural treatment to help feel the best that you can.  I favor Bio-identical or natural hormone replacement because this is very effective, and has multiple health benefits for women who are lacking hormones.  If that is not something that you would want to do, I would recommend using some vitamins and herbs that can help during the time of menopause such as black cohosh and chaste berry.  These offer help with the mild symptoms of menopause but will not provide the health benefits that Bio-identical hormone replacement does.   Remember, estrogen is your hormone of memory, it is your hormone for vision and heart health.  It helps maintain your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.  Progesterone helps anxiety, moodiness, depression, dizziness, and testosterone helps muscle tone and sex drive.  These are all important functions that women want to maintain throughout their life.  That is why Bio-identical hormone replacement is a very healthy treatment for perimenopause and beyond. Posted by Dr. Allison Pontius