You certainly live up to your name

“Dear Mary Ann,

Enclosed is the survey you mailed out in March. I am truly sorry it has taken so long to return. When I was watching the videos, while waiting to see Dr. Williams last week, I realized how warm and caring Dr. Williams is. He has helped so many people either with cosmetic procedures or surgeries but most of all the children who needed some kind of reconstructive surgery. That is what prompted me to come here and fill the survey out.

Honestly, this survey didn’t even come close in giving credit to this fabulous facility. The comfort you provide people is beautiful and warm. The consultation is accurate with both the nurse and Dr. Williams both agreeing on what procedure will benefit you the most. Having the operating room there is the best part because no one likes to come out of the hospital for a cosmetic procedure.

Having the Center (Williams Rejuva Center) downstairs is so great, knowing Dr. Williams is part of that and having skin care products there is all so convenient. I am sop pleased I discovered the Williams Center for Excellence. You certainly live up to your name.”

BT Albany NY